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Faizan e Islam Book Centre

Islamic Books
Audio / Video / CD's | Perfumes & Gifts
Novelty Items | Clothing..and lots lots more..

100% Profit Goes to Charity & Education
Call Now: +44(0)208
518 7167


Islamic Bookshop

Visit our Islamic bookshop and find thousands of books and literature of many different Islamic topics.

Find an array of products for sale such as womens clothing (Abbayas), as well as educational CD/DVDs. The Faizan e Islam bookshop is based on Lea Bridge Road, only a few minutes walk from Jamia Masjid.

The Islamic bookshop is the ideal place to go if you are looking for eid gifts for your friends or family. For more details, call 0208 518 7167 now!

Islamic Bookshop
Find lots of Islamic ornaments & frames.

Islamic Books, Qurans and frames for sale
A huge collection of all the latest Islamic literature from around the world

Islamic Goods & Gifts
We have hundreds of Islamic audio including naats and nasheeds in addition to all speeches from various islamic programmes.

We have a huge selection of Islamic perfumes for both men and women. Simply visit the bookshoop.

islamic clothing
If you are looking to buy Islamic clothing then we have a great selection for both men and women, this includes scarfs and muslim head wear.

Islamic Books
Audio / Video / CD's | Perfumes & Gifts
Novelty Items | Clothing..and lots lots more..
100% Profit Goes to Charity & Education
Call Now:
+44(0)208 518 7167




Click on one of our many naats to hear islamic audio from around the world

Maulana Mustafa
Naat-e-Rasool (PBUH)
Bhardo Jholee

Please be patient, you will need Real Audio Player to hear the recitations.

Al Imraan


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